The Story of Medusa (at college)

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The Story of Medusa (at college)

By Brooklyn Fellner


I have one thing on my mind


The most beautiful, sexy girl that has ever stepped foot on campus

She has hair like silk

Eyes that shine golden green in the glistening sunlight

A body as curvaceous as the sea

I want her to be with me


Athena is always over my shoulder

I should be happy with her

But Medusa…

Medusa is wild and endearing,

Always walking with a sway of confidence

And so. incredibly. Beautiful.



I have found Posiedon’s notes for Medusa

I think she has read them, too

He writes her poetry he should be writing to me

But I keep my head up because she is just some student

And I, of course, am a Goddess at this school



I love you Medusa,

And intend on showing you this tonight

The party lights will be flashing and 

You will be dancing

I’ll put something extra in your drink

Just to help you have a better time

With me

And when Athena isn’t looking

We can go upstairs to spend some time alone

And I’ll kiss you 

And you’ll kiss me too



It’s Greek night at Posiedon’s Fraternity house

He has asked me to come to the party

I know he’s with Athena, but he seems like he’s in love with me

I know I am beautiful

I know I could have him

I know I shouldn't

But something about this drink he gave me

Is making me want him…-



“Medusssssa!” cooed Athena

She was standing over where Poseidon and Medusa layed in bed the next morning

“You have such pretty hair, my love,” 

Medusa curled up into the corner

At the sight of the large metal scissors Athena was holding

Athena pounced over poseidon and grabbed a handful of Medusa’s hair

She hacked away at her beautiful golden strands

Piece by piece, her locks fell on the bedspread

And Posiedon watched in disbelief


Medusa ran downstairs, tears streaming down her face

Her hair, a matted, jagged mess

Every person in the parlor of the fraternity house

Instantly froze in place at the sight of her

They were petrified by this poor girl

Who was running around with no hair 

And no clothes


“Why Athena? What did I do??” Medusa cried


Medusa did not even remember the night before.


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