I am not a stereotype,

I'm not the girl with caramel skin,

dumb as a rock,

that's been with all your kin

and all the boys on the block.


I am not just a black girl,

I have a mind,

I'm just not the way I walk, how my hips swirl,

I'm not what you call, "that kind".


I am not a gum poppin',

neck rollin',

wanna-be show-stoppin' chick,

I have a name, don't adress me as "thick".


God, it makes me sick.

I am not a stereotype,

I don't fit al the hype,

I'm not even a type.


I'm so tired people of doubting my intelligence,

thinking me a fool,

undermining my relevance--

mistaking me for  sexual tool,

lacking in elegance.


Do not judge me by my appearance,

Because I'm not what you think I am,

I'm a creature of class and perserverance.

Don't look and think you know me,

you probably won't be right,

because I am no one's stereotype.





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