The Steps to Becoming Unbroken

1. Strip down to nothing in your bathroom. Avoid looking into the mirror. Remember everything you’re feeling isn’t real, this is all just some messed up dream you’re living don’t let the dream mess you up too
2. Turn the water on. Hot cold it doesn’t matter. Turn the water on and watch the man made water fall coming from the top of your shower. Ask yourself why it looks so beautiful. Ask yourself why this isn’t beautiful when it come from your eyes. 
3. Step into the shower. Stand back from the water like this is your middle school dance and you’re too damn cool to show off your moves. Tell yourself this isn’t gonna fix anything, tell yourself it’s just water, tell yourself that some times you just can’t heal.
4. Step into the water, let it trickle down you. Stand directly under making sure you’re covered in water, this is so much easier than wading in the deep end with weights on and it’s easier to breathe. Sit down if you need, let the rain wash over you. This is the only place is okay to cry. No one knows the difference between the water and tears. 
5. Step out. Wrap yourself in a towel. Look at yourself in the mirror now, no matter what you see love yourself. Do your hair how you want it. Put on makeup of you want to. Put on your favorite outfit no matter what everyone else thinks about it. You can do this. You are strong. You’ll make it through. I promise.

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