Stepping Through The Tens

Just beginning adulthood
Leaving my childish days as I should
But the childhood memories never leave my mind
At 0 years of age, I was growing by the months
Ever since I was born
My limited mind was always yearning to learn
To expand my boundaries
To explore more territories I've never known before
I didn't know
That I wanted more.
I was growing still
At 10
Peeking through the gates of my parental protection
The kids outside frolicking about and chasing the wind.
I wanted to feel the breeze's perfection
This constricted air wasn't enough for my little lungs.
Because I wanted more.
I was still growing
And here I am at 20.
Sitting in an apartment building surrounded by fresh air
I stepped outside and finally felt the breeze that I yearned for in my childhood days.
Yet the breeze rushes past my stress from the page I've landed on
And fear for what the next chapter of life will bring
I never knew outside would be quite chilly and vulnerable
That's not until I broke through the walls
Day by day, step by step
Never was I told that life is a walk in the park
But everyday I kept in mind that I am headed to my very best self
And best of all, my God walks with me
Has this journey ended?
This is just the beginning of adulthood
Leaving my childish days as I should
And more is within my reach.

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