Stepping Stone

You’ve broken a million times over

And you keep breaking 

Again and again

You’ll just keep breaking

Until you’ve fallen apart


Because when you’ve realized

That you’re just a stepping stone

For everyone you ever meet

You tend to pull back

Away from the world

Breaking quietly as you do so


They claim that they will stay

That they won’t leave you

Like everyone else did

You believe them

That they really won’t leave

Then they do anyways


But you knew that

You knew they would leave

You knew what would happen

So why do you still hope?

Still hope you aren’t just

A stepping stone for everyone?


They use you to get to

A better place for them

To gain a better life

You’re happy for them

You smile and you don’t realize

That your heart just broke

A little more.


They slowly distance themselves

Until they’ve forgotten about you

You haven’t forgotten about them though

You’re still smiling and hoping their life

Is everything they wanted it to be


Your dreams get crushed

And it’s your own fault

You let everyone

Just step all over you

All because 

You don’t want to lose

Anyone else anymore


The friends you have 

Only stay for so long

Even your most trusted friends

Leave you when you aren’t looking

Because they’re done with you

They’re done with the world

You live in.




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