I remember the day you left like it was yesterday.


It played in my mind on repeat

Like some malfunctioning CD

That skips at the voice of your reasoning,

The point where you’d tell me why

You left me with memories

That keep slicing through the skin on my palms.


You left me blind,

Slashing your claws across my eyes,

As you left me effortlessly behind

Wondering how “love” really meant “lie”.

Do you see it?

See how traitorous you became

When you looked the other way

As I was begging you “please stay.”

I needed you that day.


Now you look at me,

Roles reversed,

You beg me to put it away,

You beg me and you pray.

Did you really think I’d stay?

After all the hell you put me through,

Darling, don’t waste your time,

Why return to the scene of your own crime

When your victim has other battles to fight

And has already left you behind.

Tell me, why?


We used to be the same,

Creating chaos and destruction,

Ravaging cities and breaking walls,

Tell me, did you care at all?

Roles reversed,

My heart at the end of your knife,

Then you left me behind,

Alone in the dark with no end in sight.


But I learned,

I found my way through the maze,

So go ahead and turn the other way,

Just like you did that day,

The flashbacks I will no longer fight,

Descended out of madness into the light,

And I know I’ll be alright,

Alone, without you by my side.


Stay in the past,

In your lie,

Say that I’ve changed,

I’m cold.

You’re not wrong,

I’m scarred and damaged,

Bled and frantic,

But I learned,

I moved with your knife in my back,

Danced through the darkness of your streets.


I am fine,

I don’t need you in my life,

Don’t need you to play games with my mind,

I let you go long ago,

Stop searching, I’m already gone,

You will not destroy me



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