statistically speaking


United States
26° 10' 40.26" N, 80° 16' 16.1724" W

every so often
they flood us with statistics
38,000 a year
150 a day.
1 every 15 minutes.
faceless numbers
do we forget that
she had friends
and a family
and a future
or that he had talent
and a lover
and a career?
do we forget
she once had a bedtime
before 8:00
and slept in pink
princess-themed sheets
how he used to hold
his teddy bear
and couldn't fall asleep
without a nightlight?
do we forget
those who were left behind
forever left wondering
what could i have done?
could i have seen the signs?
when was the last time?
i said, "i love you.
and not just who you are.
who you have been.
and who you will be"?
do we forget
that the "will be"
that haunts every mothers prayers
are now just two empty words?
do we lose identities
in these
maybe what we need
isn't numbers
what we need
is human empathy

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No one wants to be another statistic. Even though I have been close. Please read my poems and tell me what you think

Rhyme Sublime

This is incredibly deep and emotional. It's just incredible period. I really like it.

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