Starry Night


United States
40° 29' 35.7864" N, 86° 57' 44.6724" W

Stars swirl and turn like a pool of quick sand
Leaving gold dust in the darkening sky
Flickering and burning til’ the world’s end
Scattered like the homey towns in Versaille

Supernovas in the inky darkness
Quietly they thrive and shine the brightest
Depressed, somber, and filled with loneliness
Shedding light, they are always the greatest

Perhaps they are who I am, what I am
An Artist with the sky as my palette
Finishing tubes of oil paint gram by gram
Here, out of town, completing this sonnet

This is my life, my story full of woe
Of the delusional Vincent van Gogh



I really like the ending! It ties everything together and adds a lot of thought to the piece!

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