Star Struck

Tue, 04/29/2014 - 12:29 -- Shar-lo


Yo I'm stuck in a trance
put my life in his hands..
the front row in the stands..
YES I'm his number 1 FAN
I'm So thankful cause you're so faithful..
Thank you for giving me everything that I've prayed for.
I'm so blessed, so happy, so stress free, stick with him and everything seems so easy.
There when I need him, answers when I call and if I'm close to the edge he make sure I dont fall.
My mighty King YES thats his title, I keep a black book thats my Holy Bible.
Down the road yea times get harder then I drop to my knees and pray to my father. 
He knows when I'm hurt he feels my pain he knows how to comfort me when I'm bout to go insane. 
Dont be mistaken, He's one of kind without a light he shines I keep em first in line.



This is a great poem! I really enjoyed reading it!

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