Don't think that you're alone; I'm always watching you

I follow you from school, and watch you in your room

Your pictures on Facebook, I like every picture

Wouldn't it be special if you could know my name.


I ne'er meant to stalk you, simply know the true you,

See if I could trust you with my scarred, torn up heart

For none should suffer twice, the heartache of distrust

Yet with unfailing love will I protect they heart.


But thy heart is missing; far lost for someone else

You write her love poems that you'll never send,

Just clinging to the hope, that someday she'll love back.

Fool! Chased by every boy, she won't truely love you!


We're hiding our faces, both scared of rejection

I dream of loving you; you dream for someone else

We both go on dreaming, for what we can't have 

Don't think you're alone; We're both hopeless stalkers.


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