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You watched me from my window and took out your anger on my body with your eyes.   ~awatr
A girl online I've never met is stalking me Asking where I live Asking me how old I am When she texts me, "I love you" I laugh That's why I made sure she'd never meet me Because, unknown to her...
When we parted waysLife became very different.I don’t know about the other sideOf this chainlink, my glances overTell me life hasn’t went downhill.
You can't hurt me like you used to Its been six years you should be through   You taint my name Spread your distortion All in consequence to your shame And obsessive discomposure  
When you’re alone, on the phone, guess who’s watching. He’ll never cease. He’s in the trees. Guess who’s watching.           From time to time you start to wonder if someone is watching.
  Don't think that you're alone; I'm always watching you I follow you from school, and watch you in your room
They say I’m mad, tis not true, I’m in love Thou known through my actions, this moment Glancing through his window on a cold night Watching my love sleep peacefully in bed  
She had never been very perceptive. Her body knew weeks before she did that he had been coming near, Making her palms dampen and neck prickle
Uninvited, unexpected, unwanted. You came into our lives. Creating a storm. Breaking friendships. Creating panic. Ruining lives. Creating unneeded drama. During our freshman year of high school.
I can feel him staring His eyes always on me Covered my sunglasses But I see his face move Window, mirror, window, mirror As I walk to school One day there were no glasses I saw his eyes
Oh mama can you see the sinking ships in my eyes in my tears can you see the glass bones that hold me together are breaking at my hips? and can you see the lies on my lips
My dear, I have spotted you and now you are mine I saw the back of your head yesterday in line I stalked through your Facebook Five hours is all it took Next, I read through your Twitter
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