Fri, 05/17/2013 - 00:38 -- MelGarr

This silence is strange
It screams a painful sadness for my ears
And this darkness
Is like a cold rush of fear
For today
You, my love
Is the end of days

These trembling hands
Reach for your door
From within the crack
Shines a diming light
Your dying light
And these legs can only go so far
For I hear your ghostly cries
I can move no more

There she was
A sickening peace on her face
Her skin of marvel accented with crimson stains
Floors and walls exactly the same
And this silence
Of screams in pain
Becomes my own
For today my love
Is the end of your days

Then once more
The clichéd question of why
Gently escapes my lips
As I realize
You had done it all on your own
With a single blade
You forgot about me
And now
We're both all alone


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