Stages of Struggle


United States
40° 52' 23.0988" N, 72° 46' 50.3112" W

At the point of no return. crashing falling soon to burn. my minds a crumbling abyss, amiss at my fingertips. loosing, lost. struggling at what cost? life is empty, that triggers tempting. transformation, this sick sensation. justification? no will, im failing still. falling asleep, not these dreams. my brains sick schemes. leave me empty, to this place you have sent me. barren wastelands of my nightmares. nerves are sending red flares. screams, afraid. this grave you have made, in which i will be laid. i am not prepared. this game you have dared. win, leave me dead. my eyes will haunt your head. unseeing, still feeling. your minds reeling. i’m still pretending. awake. i am blind. this vision i find is running in my mind. streaming through my brain, my path is eternal. this raging inferno. consume me. take me. your demented lure. i surrender.


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