The gift of life has many stages you see,
First the conception where we came to be
Then comes the birth where in the world we enter
Growing up falls then into the center

The fourth stage is growing old, it can be a long haul
Death is the finale, the end of it all
To some it is welcome, they're just ready to go
Tired of illnesses and feeling so low

For the loved ones it is hard, in fact it's the worst
Wondering why, to God they cursed
Not realizing that it may be for the best,
That the one they love is out of pain and finally at rest

Some deaths are untimely and that is a fact
A full life to live they may have lacked
But everything is done for a reason, don't fear
God must have needed them more than us here

Rather than grieving and feeling so sad,
We could celebrate the life that they had
Just remember to pray and to take God's hand
Because everything from the beginning has all been planned.

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