A sprouting seed

I am a seed sprouting in both infused unfertilized and fertilized soil

No one can really fathom the highest potential that I could achieve

Only after I, the seed, has proved to weather the storms and turmoil

Exposed is a beautiful, purposeful future and limitless goals that the seed has reached


Developing from just a small seed, I have received a generous amount of care

Receiving all the necessary food, nutrients, and the required patient love to grow

But progressively as time passed there was scarcity of resources to spare

To only leaving the seed’s potential a shaky, rigid path to flow


As an adolescent, the family that I was raised in has helped prepare me for life

I never actually really felt like an adolescent because I always had to be strong

At a young age alongside of my parents I was taught the basics to survive

Being the eldest sibling came with lots of responsibility so causing the journey towards adulthood not feeling long


Already having the necessary experience of helping my mother and our family get by

By of course me helping out take care of my siblings to help secure our family’s foundation

I was already mentally equipped to stay strong for my future dependents providing me no time to cry

For those moments of being alongside my strong parents as well as being a role model to my sibling, it prepared me to raise my own personal little nation


Striving towards goals such as graduating from college and being a more self sufficient individual has come with many obstacles

I’ve experienced many terrible, memorable situations one being the time I experienced credit card debt

Now understanding that your credit score is a key representative of a person’s character, it of course helps me desire to strive to be more responsible

As a dream to be a self sufficient, college graduate it is best to focus a little less on your wants to make sure your needs are met


When myself, the seed, finally actually weathered some storms and survived difficult experiences

I realized, was that in the garden of life you could have the help of both beneficial spiders and birds or could weather storms stranded on your own

There are some people who are designed to help you on the path to your destiny, others will leave you or desire for you to be left in the trenches

When I realized life isn’t always sunny, and it's not always a fantasized fairytale I then knew that I myself have grown.


This poem is about: 
My family


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