Specials Mothers


Trust me: all mothers are incredibly special

Wonderful, beautiful and phenomenal

Without mothers, there will be no living

On Earth, the world will have nothing

Emptiness would have occupied the space

And it would have been a shame, a disgrace

The first mother is known as gorgeous Eve

And we all know the story, which is hard to believe

Yet, we have no choice, but to welcome the myth

Mothers accept pain, deception, suffering and grief

For their offspring. Oh! Indeed, I love all mothers

Mothers can never be bad, even when they have issues

Mothers are very special beings. Let me take a few tissues

To shed tears of happiness to thank all mothers

The lovable and resilient mothers of all colors of the rainbow

Let me bow and blow kisses to all mothers sitting in a row

Let me pray for all mothers who are no longer with us

Let me rejoice for all mothers who are on Earth with us

All mothers are nurturing, dedicated, beautiful and special

All mothers are under-appreciated, strong and phenomenal

Let me thank all moms today and every single day of the calendar

Without mothers, there’s no life, no joy, no kiss and no flower.


Copyright © May 2023, Hébert Logerie, All rights reserved

Hébert Logerie is the author of several collections of poems.



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