Speak Your Mind: To Be or not to be remake

Tue, 05/06/2014 - 15:28 -- ECook


Hamlet speech To be or not to be now that is my question/

Weather to act to or not react and then explain my confession/

Is it right I don't react, I feel I'm losing control/

Or Is it noble to react and risk me losin my soul/

Is it noble that I kill a man, cold blooded ,steel in hand/

From hearing what my fathers ghost had told me curse this spirt damn/

I feel like I should listen,try revenge for premonitions/

But now is that really dad? Or is this satins words and wishes?/

Or Should I take my life ? I'm havin thoughts of suicide/

Either way I'm stuck with thoughts, thinkin that it's do or die/

Thinking that my mom is foul for listening to my uncles lies/

But Why just think and not react? Damn I'm thinking all the time/

But maybe if I die, maybe I would fall asleep/

Sleep and death are merely cousins after that maybe I'll dream/

But then what comes after that, see now I'm feelin quit scared/

Because then what if I die: and only wake to nightmares?/

Is that why we stay alive? What comes after we don't know/

After life it's afterlife, and after that where do we go?/

Why we deal with being servants taking treatment that's so cold/

Or Why we look for love that's real but then it turns to fools gold?/

Life is parallel, made from ones own intuition/

Do we go to hell or live in hell to reach heavens dimension/

Is that why I'm scared? Because death is unfamiliar?/

Wait I hear somebody comming... It's Ophelia/ Fin

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