Speak Freely


Let your words be unchained, your thoughts unhindered. Release the power you hold within. Let every thought filling every corner of your mind out, like butterflies released into the spring air. Speak freely. You hug your words close to you like a blanket held for comfort. Be free. Undetain what you keep behind closed doors marked with uncertainty. Don't let pain, anger, or fear refrain your words. Let them flow like a raging river. Speak freely. Let everyone delight in the wisps of soul you exude, expressed in nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Sprinkle your words over a cold, bleak world, adding to it a burst of flavor. Speak freely. Let your words ring in the air, echoing emotion. Scatter your words in the wind and let them disperse, seeping into every mind. Perhaps you may plant a seed of inspiration or hope. Speak freely. Be fearless, courageous, and bold with your words. Let them come out to play instead of being hidden away inside like an abused child. Be known. Let your words precede you, telling your story. Speak freely.



Well said. I think a lot of times writing stoped by thinking too much. Just letting it flow and allow our words to be heard is really an inspiring thing.

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