Spark from a smile

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 22:43 -- jerlee

Grabbing the glistening hands of yours

Twirl of orchids fell above us

Your Blanche face glows

Precious as gold

May I know how it feels to hold?

To give my all

To bow as if an queen has bestow before me

For I may be delay

When I say, I’m the first to tell my mistake


I may walk a lonely road

But, it was I who shaped my shadow

To make sure it will always walked beside me

Hoping to be replace by you one day

Who may have struck and stole the toll to my soul

I guess... my life was born at a miss

When you’re always beautiful

To think I’ll never see you again could never be true


To be faced with the truth, I know such an untold tale

Where a tree can be turned for millions of matches

And each match has its own unique touch to it

However, such foretold has begun with a single tree

A tree that will always be magnificent to it true self even if it has changed

So begin the drizzle of the cherry blossom

As love give way to be lit like a blessing candle

To be spark from a smile that can never be faded,

Can it be said that we have met again?



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