The Spark

Sat, 06/09/2018 - 19:44 -- CRoscio

A spark,
Lonely in the dark,
Just one match to light the fire,
The once tiny flame reaching higher,
The only way she knew to express,
The feelings swirling around in her chest,
Was to write,
And for her, to write was to fight,
Through day and through night,
She wrote, and wrote, with all her might,
She didn't stop,
She simply could not,
She began to learn,
The lines blurred,
She persisted,
Soon eyes were misted,
When she stepped up, and told her story,
Inside her, yes, was a lot of worry,
What if they laughed?
Pointed fingers, could she last?
Would she run,
Her face burning like the sun?
Or would she stay,
Her story she would lay,
For all to see,
Who she is, and who she might be,
She would stay,
Wouldn't walk away,
Strong and sturdy,
Wouldn't let her family worry,
She would always be there,
Smiling her smile, and exploring everywhere,
No, she wouldn't do wrong,
She would move on,
She wouldn't think about it again,
Wouldn't plan when,
Through poetry she let her feelings out,
And someday, she knew, the world, she would wow

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