A Southern Delicacy


United States
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On the back porch looking out of the screen

There is beauty that is before my eyes, with

The green hills that span miles and miles.

A Southern Delicacy

My family comes to our wonderful farm home

To chat and really get our memories jarred.


Hearing the laughter and watching the children run

I walk from the porch ready to prepare

A Southern Delicacy

The glass pitcher is from my ancestors.

The spoon was carved from our grandfather

The fresh tea leaves that are on the farm were gifts from our Father.


Before me is a recipe aged from generations.

A Southern Delicacy

Just grab a lemon from the 100 year old tree

A dash of sugar imported from the sugar cane

Queen bees honey that will never expire and used as a medicine to heal

Fresh water from the well pump from down the hill.


A Southern Delicacy

Ice from the outside freezer to cool off the tea from a hot summer's day

A pick of a mint leaf off of the garden next to the vegetables.

A drink to go along with the ancestral stories passed down for generations

And just like the stories this drink will be in families for years to come

Nothing like a fresh cold drink that is homemade, our sweet iced tea.

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My family
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