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My body becomes weak
My vison had turned blurry
I hear the paramedics screaming
We are losing her, Hurry!
I am starting to feel sleepy
But they refused to let me sleep
¨You have to keep your eyes open
If your life you plan to keep¨
I see the light become brighter
And nothing seems real
My body is going numb now
And the pain I can no longer feel
I look over to the right
My mother face filled tears
I feel guilt start to set in
For what I´ve put her through the last few years
I want to say i´m sorry
But my mouth won´t say a word
It wouldn´t matter much anyways
From all the bullshit she has heard
I want to be a good girl
I promise mom I can change
I´ll get my life straightened out
And my priorities rearranged
I can feel her hand squeeze mine
As I fight for my life
Lord if you give me a second chance
I promise I´ll do it right
I know I´ve said this all before
All the empty promises I´ve made
But this promise I intend to keep
If my life you can just save
Crying over my lifeless body
I can hear my mom begin to pray
She didn´t believe in God before
But I guess she started today
I want nothing more than to console her
And tell her everything will be okay
But I couldn´t put the needle down
So the price I must now pay
I can feel my mind fade away
And the light is becoming brighter
My mothers hand still holding mine
As she squeezes even tighter
I am sorry mom for leaving you
I never meant for it to end like this
All the things I´ll never get to do
All the happy moments I will have to miss
I tried so hard to be a good daughter
But temptation got the best of me
I hope you never blame yourself
You were the best mother you could be
All the things I want to tell you
But have no energy left to do so
But I love you mom with all my heart
That I hope you know
But my time is coming soon
I can feel myself floating away
¨I love you my sweet child¨
I heard my mother say
¨No matter what I am proud of you
And my daughter you´ll always be
I look forward to seeing you again
Save a place in heaven for me¨
She kissed my forehead softly
And squeezed my hand tight
Then peace surrounded me
As I walked toward the light


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