A Song as Old as Time

Once upon a late-night evening  

As the golden-ager slumbers

The young hebe begins to hunger

On a more melodic fruit


So the youngster begins his journey

Friend in hand and hand on wheel

Driving, motivated by his feels

To tonight’s spectacular performance


And as they enter that dazzling hall

Illuminated by light; encompassed by sound

The audience screams echo like a hellish hound

At the presence of the performer


But as the singer approached the mic

Guitar in hand as he sang

All voices that once were loud went silent

Allured by a sound divine


For the songster’s song sung not of words

But told a story encapsulated in chords

Of love and loss and heaven and hell

And of mortal woes no human can quell


Tears run down the singer’s cheek

And sadness beyond any of the listener’s reach

Is echoed on the poor man’s face

A remembrance of his greatest mistake


The finale is reached; the last note is plucked

The audience cheers; no listener remains untouched

An arrow has landed from paradise above

And near it two teenagers start falling in love


Teenagers, adolescents, kids abound

Laughing with no lack of joy to be found

And as the crowd begins to disperse 

An old fan provides one last verse


“Of love sustained throughout the centuries

Our long departure enforced by nature

Even in the underworld’s darkest spot

Your voice, great joy to me it has brought”


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