Sometimes, Wonderland ain't so sweet

Trying to keep from drowning under water

As my sanity starts to falter

A monster, a demon, a shell, a tool

Card number, the fool


My hands are covered in dirt

The scars of mistrust, hurt


But how do I know this isn't all an illusion

I'm too crazy for the outside worlds confusion

I will let it keep me to it's self

Easily suggested, broken girl keep her on a shelf


I don't understand how you can

Pretend that this isn't all happening all over again

I'm not real

I just want feel

Something different

Then the apparent


Of shame

The lame look

Being tamed took



Painting scars on her body

What a cruel hobby

Keeps her chains locked up tight

Eyes wide in fright

Holding her own key tight


Swallow it down like a dry pill

Swallow it till it makes you ill

And purge all the pain with a single flick

That'll do the trick

Because tricks are for kids

Or for the sick in the head......


Never asleep...

Never awake...

Never there...

No one there...

No one here...

Inside my head...


It's all an illusion

It's all pretend

Quiet now dear, it's all in your head

Little Alice in wonderland


And lost in her head....



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