cherry flavored something

dripping until sticky

on my chin and my hands

but i don’t mind

rub them on my overalls

making mad stupid jokes

your laugh sounds so stupid, that it’s hilarious

so you keep laughing until you can’t breathe

we’re passed the point of pissing yourself

just BREATHING is hilarious


when you leave,

i go inside and

i lay in front of the air conditioner until the air turns to exhaust

of a rocket engine, blowing my hair out of my face

i dream myself aboard a ship, breaking earth’s pull; every pull that held me down

on a planet where i felt tethered

as the rocket boosters fall back into oceans i watch the sad fall with it


and as the earth shrinks in the growing distance

i feel okay

more okay than i thought i would, alone among the stars

i hold onto my sticky hands in the pockets of my overalls and the cherry flavored somethings


i go into hyper-sleep only to realize it’s much colder

i turn off the air conditioning and head back into space

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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