Something Amazing


At the start, it wasn't so clear
We met each other, with drinks of beer
I lost my phone, you gave a call
And that's what really, starts it all
Since that day, we've had a feeling
My cold torn heart, is slowly healing
I'm not so sure, what's in your past
But present day, my heart beats fast
It only beats, when you're around
Even times, u say D-town
The mall, the rides, and walking too
The school, and work is nothing new
But what is new, is the way we feel
The nice sweet talks, threw every meal
You grab my hand, and hold me tight
You kiss my head, and say good-night
Then I wake, and see your text
You send good morning, to Dorka-rex
I'm finally up, and cook some lunch
It goes to you, I like you much
I like the silly things you say
I dislike the fact that I cannot pay
We talk it threw, it all works out
Our playful fights, we never shout
You mean so much, please never go
You've said you won't, yes I know
It just seems to good to be true
But that's just it, it's me and you
So this is it, we're really real
I love the way you make me feel.
-Kayla Harden
#YOWO: You Only Write Once
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