Some Things

Its hard to write a short poem
About things that make me happy
I wrote a two page poem and thought
"Its too long and too sappy."
I had to be selective 
Like picking out a mate
So here are about ten things
That make my world so great

Its my:
1. Mom and Dad and their
2. Home cooking
3. My sister- can't forget to list her
4. My dog and
5. Three best friends who are loyal till the end
6. My boyfriend of seven years
I think I'm starting to shed tears
Because I'm so grateful for things like:
7. Tacos and
8. Cookies and other things like that
But also for
9. Photography and 
10. Music

Uh Oh, I think I'm gonna loose it
This poem is meant to be a pick up 
And show what makes me happy
But I guess I missed the point
Its gotten a little wacky
So I'll sign off here
To save your ears
But just know these were happy tears. 



This poem is about: 
My family


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