A Soldier's Born To Fight And Die

Born a soldier to fight and die

Love of country, that is why

Here to fight for love & freedom

Some don't seem to want or need them

Still we struggle, because we must

To succeed, in God we trust

Politicians have their missions

They don't need our competition

So, we carry out our orders

To bring peace, we join the slaughter

Fellow soldiers maimed and dying

Bet your ass we're pained and crying

Got to stop them in the sand

So, that's where we make our stand

No retreating, no remorse

Semper Fi and stay the course

Born of God to die like men

Freedom needs a helping hand

Nothing's free but death and taxes

Cost you nothing, you can have it

Peace and freedom, now that's different

Think of it as Life Insurance

Cost to get it, have it, keep it

Comes in handy when you need it

That's for real, there's no debating

Ask these convicts who've been hating

On the system, because it got them

Squash the noise and stop the shouting

Got enough to deal with, buster

Not our fault that you're a sucker

Choose to live the coward's way

Or keep it real, because crime don't pay

Dr King, he came to Memphis

Gave his life to make a difference

A soldier is asked to do the same

It's just that simple, just that plain

God will choose His special heroes

For salvation of His people

Ours is not to reason why

A soldier's born to fight and die

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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