Soil My Senses


His verbs gliding across his lips

Caressing my imagination

His nouns dripping damp with desperat-ed prepositions

And I can taste the anticipation in his words

Lustfully digest the fumes of infatuation clouding my consciousness


Inhaling the fragments of temptation

That my inner goddess croons too

I slow dance with the intangible

I twirl in a round about way at the unobtainable

His disposition sweetly echos volume


Something that I’m merely not accustomed too

His superficial-ness although dangerous

Is delightfully distasteful

Foolish to spoil my senses with a man who is divinely forbidden

The art of being “Off Limits” like Eve in the garden of Edden


Smelling the perspiration of the over ripe fruit

What a shame it would be to soil this moment

With standardized rules, unexpected expectations

I just desire to indulge my senses

But in all actuality what I subconsciously

Yern for was a lustful situation-ship


I just wanted to fraternize

Demoralize my body, torture my mind and tease my soul

My premeditated skimma was to just romance

And hold hands with this man

This man was frugal with his time

And I’m soooo youthful with my imagery


So lets interlock palms and share our pros

While we snub our cons

And borrow each others space,

As our vessels intertwine lets sway

Even exchange a little DNA

As we dig for excuses to disregard those inner voices


Whispering to us, “Not To!”

Maybe after we commenced to the kissing

We can host a pity party for each other

I'll call it a “Little Foreplay Intervention!”

Yes Please!


I'm commented to your loitering, Pester me

Cling to my mortality, I encourage your soliciting

Making love to this man will in fact come back to haunt me

The sincation of this act honestly will only last...

All of five minutes, Again honestly?


But the outcome will be permanent

A spiritual out of body remembrance

I'm not sure if its my innocence I’m neglecting or my ignorance

My sanity or stupidity, Is this really adultery?



I’m just trying spoil my senses

And NO

I don’t want to consider my consequences 


Im aware he has a lady in the streets

And his heart is chained at home 

I just want to be a part time freak on the weekends

So carelessly place your phone face down on the nightstand

Shred out of your clothes


Hang up your Insecurities  and identity on the end of my bed

What we do behind close doors

Is the essence of transgression

I'll validate this violation with the excuse that i just want to 

Soil my senses

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Night Heart

Well written poem. I like it


Wow! Wow!

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