Society Says So

I claim witness growing up,
down a path left behind a mirage
of some passing distance.

I see now the blurr faces.
A mask in craves something once wanted, more in need.

A product, a material in all class
meets favor,
strike mindless hungers in its state of savor plea.

I began to hear the voice,
a luxurious of characters
fall victim roles,
in a theater of plays.

A crowds sighting of thunder
storms scattering the lost
faces now a present day.

I find myself speaking to a blind man paints a picture in pitch black.
Still he sees more in darkness over unstable acts of hovering faces.

The many colors to satisfy its hunger, fast food service a variety of dish, blends in deep cover of laundering.

Behind the service it may not seem,
the magicians grand show is no trick.
He pulls you out the hat,
and grants you a piece to write on,
you refuse to ruin it & hold dearly closer.

The day you smile,
from the air you breathe,
instant hypocrite to a trees death scene.

The trick is on you,
by the laws you misplaced.
Here's a dictionary; define your ways.

This time I take it all off and look pass the mirage.
Into the wild defend my heart beats to its cause.

Tell the man behind the face,
one may rise above all,
in all this luxury mankind may fall.

The mother cries out to her kids,
follow strangers down the pitch,
let the rain fall over the clouds,
and light shine wisdom at clear.

In this world we live in a
game ones young played;

Simon is Society Says So.. Easily to put on a face.
In truth and irony,
the phrase comes to life,
"money talks and walks,"
leave behind blinded eyes.

Be free and let go stranded minds.

Society may say soo, but my eyes see, the world stays green in all we need..

Is the luxury with no cut down trees!

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Our world
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