So Cheesy


I read your words and my heart starts to bleed.

How can I sing your song, if you are all I need.

Now that you're gone, and never look back,

My voice is lost, and my world is black.


So long I haven't talk to you,

And now you made my heart break in two.

Oh my love what made you leave?

Did the pain in your heart never cease?

I heard your voice but I have ignored,

I listened to your prayers but I can't any more.

Dreaming of you is the last thing I expected,

Yet when I did, I've got so excited.

In my dream I saw you there

Smiling, like you don't really care

About all the troubles of the earth

About everything that isn't of worth.

You saw me and gave me the answer.

You wanted me to be your anchor,

To watch over you and take care of you more,

And in your heart, you opened the door

You sang to me with all your love.

You told me we will never part.

You wanted us to make it through together,

And wanted me to stay with you forever.

But that was just a dream for me

Now this is reality I see:

You have left me and might never return

You left me there, for me to burn

My emotions are all a mess

I'm sad, mad, and angry I guess,

But I don't even know who I'm mad at

So here, waiting for you, I sat.

How much longer do I have to stay?

However, it's only been a day.

Oh my growing impatience I can't stand

When I don't have you here, within my hand.

I cry silently, and no words come out

But maybe I should scream out loud.

I never expected your goodbye,

So now why have you let me die?

My heart swells up without you here

It's so empty when you're not there,

And now I'm here wondering quietly

Will I ever take you seriously?

I should have not left you alone

All this time in your lonely home.

I should have cherished you while I could

But now waiting for you, I stood.

Please come back and give me an answer,

Then you can go, and leave me forever.

I promise that I will never bother

Or be a part of your life, ever!

How can I ever stop loving you,

But now your heart wanted to choose

To part, instead of staying true,

So farewell my love, take my heart, adieu.


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