Smitten With The Mitten


Michigan is where we HAIL, and when you hear that please don’t bail

We’re shaped like a mitten for a reason

Winter is our longest season

Michigan has rich history

Now you know that is no mystery

Our great lakes once harbored natives

And, oh my, weren’t they creative

Their skills and crafts were passed down

Basket weaving still abounds

Michigan’s coal beds used to be

Some of the finest in the whole country

Lumber too was once our thing

Which we traded for fast cars and bling

Henry Ford’s assembly line

Made the working class more refined

Which other state can boast to others

That it has a fellow brother

If you HAIL from there, we call you a Yooper

Holding much diversity, it is pretty super

Mackinaw Island is nothing to sneeze at

And our creamy fudge will make you fat

Overall, our state is awesome

Because our flower is the apple blossom


We’re Smitten, We’re Smitten, We’re smitten with the mitten!



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