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Look at these teens as cute as can be
The Jock, The Princess, and the Brain all three
set the lead perfect little lives
With their perfect little friends
In their perfect little house just ‘round the bend.

But why is it that when Johnny goes home
He almost bleeds himself dry
While Suzie’s asleep dreaming about the Homecoming Queen
And Robbie’s just fine
The bottle’s hidden alright and it’s not an addiction
They can all quit anytime

And the teens all smile like our worlds not ending
And we smile like our hearts aren’t breaking
We won’t let the Mask come off tonight
And I’m going to smile like I’m perfectly fine

But Johnny over here might have cut too deep
Suzie’s parents got the message
“I didn’t raise you to be a freak”
But don’t worry about Robbie
He’s only asleep
It’s not poisoning yet- that’s not till next week

But we still smile because the worlds not ending
We smile cause our hearts aren’t breaking
That Mask sure as hell aint coming off tonight
I’ll smile too bright cause I’m perfectly fine

All you have to do is hold on one more night
But Johnnie’s scars might never heal
And Suzie will never see that girl again
And Robbie’s forced to therapy
His big sis is going to miss him- he was just fourteen.

And we all smile and pretend the worlds not ending
We smile and pretend our hearts aren’t breaking
Will someone please rip this Mask off me?
Because I smile way too much at age sixteen.


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