Sleep Deprived

Sleep has become the most delicious donut

Dangling in front of the treadmill

Like the meal 

I was reluctant to eat

Could've saved that dollar for yet another bill

Like rats 

They just keep coming

It's stunning 

How you pull them out of your purse

Like loose change

Stuck to the bottom

The problem

Isn't that we have bills

It's the fact you no longer feel

The need to pay them

As if your ability to adult

Prefers seperation

In the wasteland 

You call your mind

I am capable of saving my money

If you took after 

We'd be rolling in honey

Not scrambling to survive

Constantly questioning

Whether it's worth it to be alive

I've heard 

Suicide makes you a quitter

He called them quitters as if he rolls

Around town wearing the crown of a winner

Our winter has never been cold to me

My heart's dropped well below 15 degrees

The funny thing about you 

Not liking the cold 

Is how loud you scream

I already told you

Listen when I speak

Goddammit Kayla, are you listening to me

Like I give a shit 'bout your unneccessary needs

It almost hurts more than my frost-bitten knees

I did not write this poem 

In spite of you

This poem I wrote

For me

We've come such a long way

Stayed here, stayed there

'Bout time we done made a decision

On how the hell we gone get these bills paid

Don't say I got no business

In this I got no say

Yes I do

In this house

Was my money that saved the day

A bouquet, a hundred roses

Sad to know that there is 

Nothing Daddy could do

Where he's been

I wish I knew

'Cause what I do, I do know

I'd hit high, I'd hit low

I'd show his ass that we survived

I'm just a little

Sleep deprived

This poem is about: 
My family
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