skeletons in my closet


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Skeletons in my closet

Sticks and stones may break my bones but skeletons will always constrain me to be insecure, pierce into what's pure.

Mind effed me into a nose bleeding positioned Pursue the lure of a

rusted iron door i wrenched my way into, my closet of raggedy limbs.
there I saw him,

boredom labored for hours on end to birth the conversation that drenched my world in tears soon after a click and an unclear response.

I knew soon after that it wasn't in my intentions to beat the dead horse but to get rid of the corpse that suspended on a barb wired clothes hanger 5 inches to where i slept.

Nailed his cross on my back had to thug it out on the road, my bones don't sing in harmony no more.
see I didn't click and chat to cause chaos or to rekindle. I clicked and chatted out of human mistake. See piling up and raking bones into a closet that never closed right doesn't mean the mess disappears.

. but I failed to see that a healing kiss of hommie human being can make a collar bone dance, ankles buckle, and check bones scream salvation

, you redeemed me.

I am sorry for opening that closet but the corpse I promise doesn't sway there any more.

I buried him six feet under. Won't haunt or knock on our relationship's door.

Shooting this zombie in the head didn't decline my heart beat. I still feel that my drops of love for you flood all seas. Doesn't change who we are and who we will be.

I am disgusted though try swallowing a porcupine pretending it's gum
seeing how I was so dumb
How I single handily shattered through the tons of trust
Please baby don't run

& I hate screeching like a scratched tape, but I know we're on the right track .

I'll jump through, shark fits, I'll hug and annoy your arm pits. Or have my lips take salsa lessons so they too could dance on your collar bone and pray that one of those kisses slips through the crack of your never healed side, I hope it slides into the pulsating part of you, the one I pray I didn't concretely crack.
I put it on my life that our relationship will never lack communication, honesty, and trust.

And if it must I promise to be your emotional punching bag. nothing can hurt more than the tears my eyes bleed , go ahead baby Mohammad a lee away that sting.

I pretended to be cold, numb, a manikin. Judged and penalized like it was my job to refuse to justify or empathize. I humbled down and now understand that a cracked bone Isnt always a facet to rotten skeleton.

An angel with a crooked halo doesn't make you Lucifer.

Refusing to be Austin powers doesn't make you dr.evil.

Breaking a bone doesn't make you A permanent cripple.

But most of all, making a mistake doesn't make you inhumane.

We are like ponds with a few ripples.

so now That I got that load extorted out of my skull. I just have to make sure to say that sticks and stones my break my bones but skeleton; . I don't need them no more.

I hope we continue to dive into the cologne that our anatomies spark when rubbed together. our love will continue to burn . This is my confessions but not the usher tragic type of burn more like love in this club, lovers and friends, and there goes my baby, melodies.
I'll always enjoy the nervous symphony of my chattering teeth.

see even now I can't let this written piece be.

I just pray it speaks, screams, spiels

"I'm sorry."


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