SISTA TO sista

Fri, 10/17/2014 - 19:12 -- MUSHIA
war, there is war everywhere in Iraq, Syria, and even in the U.S.A, recently there has been an epidemic of police bashing. A seed in Ferguson was shot to death by a police officer, which sent a fire through the field. I forgot to mention the seed was black and the police officer was white. With that being a constant reminder in everybody’s head the war has just begun. Now honey, this seed wasn't just an ordinary seed he was one of the first in his family to graduate high school which makes him a very special person in America since he's black, successful and educated. Now baby, I know cops paint our image black but we blacks bring our kind down too. You can’t just blame the white man for your problems because the white man wasn’t the reason you dropped out of school to sell drugs because it easy money. Or the reason you had kids at 16.Recently I seen a hashtag on a social media cite, (#IfMittRomneyWasPres). The people using this hashtag were burnt out seeds alleging that if another white man was president their lives would be ten times worst. No matter who is in the White house the change begins with you. My Sista let go of all the reminders of the past ways black were treated because if you’re too busy focusing on what happened behind , you’ll be lost on what’s happening in front of you. If you would just let go of the past; water and sunlight will let the seed inside you grow. Constantly reminding yourself yes I can ,will be the rich fertilizer you consume to grow with peace goodnight
hey everyone please chech out my blog. 
just started it, but i will be posting more!


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