Sincerely, your bag of weed

Sun, 11/19/2017 - 10:00 -- iinspyr

Sitting in the room watching you

And not just any room

Your room

But you’re preoccupied

So, I’ll wait


Looking at you from the corner of my eye

I feel like Mr. Hyde

Ready to pounce and complete the deed I’m here to do

And not necessarily in favor of you



When you do the math

You’ve known me for about a year or 2


We don’t notice


And notice I said “we”

And not “you”

Or not “me”

Because “we” are in this together

But a part of me

Is missing you

And me

I mean I

I mean we

Are preoccupied

So I’ll wait


And I know you still remember our handshake

Or the way we kissed as you inhaled my mist

Putting yourself in a daze

For days on days on days on end


You’d let me drive you all the way up to your peak

And tell me stories about how much your life stinks


And in desperate measures

Let me whisper lullabies about how everything’s gonna be alright


Don’t you miss that?


To be honest.

I don’t see how you’ll ever succeed

You can’t make me believe you can put our high nights to peace

I had you

And you need me

So, get off your recovery high horse

And relapse back to reality



Your bag of weed

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