A Simple Plan

~ by Debi Lyn Tuesday, August 17, 2021


I love to sit with you nearby; doing so can make me cry.

- Happy tears just to know you enjoy my company so.

I’m telling you, my thoughts don’t stop; you cross my mind, and words just pop.


From your piercing eyes to your smirky grin, I just want to drink you in.

Head to toe, inside and out; I want to know what you’re about.

Ok, ok. I’ll try to breathe, but I shan’t do so with much ease.


I’m anxiously awaiting more & nervous you might shut the door.

I worry I may be too much, and you’ll regret we ever touched.

Perhaps you’ll run the other way and leave me all alone one day.


I am intense in all I do and want to give my all to you.

I’m not so great with “horse & carriage”. Commitment makes a lasting marriage.

Wedding bells I am not playing; don’t freak out, k? I’m just saying.


In the meantime, what do we do? You get to know me; I’ll get to know you.

Being involved requires time, not random, reckless reason or rhyme.

Let’s begin a simple plan: One day a week? Please say you can.


To watch a movie, eat a meal, snuggle, run errands, keep it real.

Then send me home if you must - or bid me stay and quench our lust.

Do you get the point I’m making? The possibilities have me shaking.



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