The Simple Complex Concept of Peace

Peace is layred

At it's heart it is calm and tranquel

An inward serenity that can produce an outward glow

That can be seen by all who gaze upon the peaceful individual

It spreads from one to another 

As the peaceful join hands in enlightenment 

They join hands and raise the peace in their joyful harmony


Many forces from outside challenge peace

Arguments and disagreements attempt to cover the light

Darkness gathers from every corner 

Trying to drown peace in hopelessness

Hostilities strive to break the harmonious bonds


But in time, the hostil become weary

The great energy consumed by war is quickly exausted

Disturbances that sought to rupture the bonds of peace

That pressed so hard against the harmonious souls

Fade from deep dark blackness to shades of gray


The light of peace finds its way through the tempest

And those who faithfully held on to peace

Lift the world out of darkness

Calm the unrest

And return us all to the light of day.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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