Silent Mom

It has almost been six years since we last talked.

Time sure does fly, I still remember the day mine and your life changed forever

As if it happened yesterday

You lost your ability to move.

You lost your voice which made me lose mine.

Your outgoing girl you once knew took a step back from the light.

I had it rough when the accident first happened. 

I blamed myself, of course as would any 10 year old kid at the time.

I heard you call for me that morning, yet thought nothing of it.

I watched them carry you down the stairs.

Not knowing that would be the last time I would see my mother walk, talk, laugh.

It has been so long, that frankly I do not remember the sound of your voice.

I wish you could see the amazing young women I am becoming.

Dad seems to be losing hope in you.

He does not talk to you anymore.

He yells when you cry.

He does not take care of you the way he used to.

He has grown tired of taking care of you.

Understanding you is difficult I get that.

You can not tell us what is hurting or what you need.

But patience and time is all that is needed.

If only he had the passion and drive he had when you first went to the hospital.

I long to hear your voice again

For you to tell me what a fantastic women I am becoming.

I love and miss you so much. 


- Your loving daughter

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My family
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