Silence: A Poem for Adrian Hohman


United States
40° 38' 1.0284" N, 79° 31' 35.8356" W

While the small town sleeps
And the moon keeps watch
With the stars like guards
Drinking spots of scotch

While the children dream
And the mothers rest
With their babies safe
Upon their breast

While the river flows
With unceasing grace
Through the sleeping town
At a steady pace

While the small town sleeps,
A distressed soul wakes
And through the dead of night,
The silence he breaks

With a shot that rings clear
For miles around.
But if no one is there,
Does it make a sound?

Then the soul is still
And the echo dies
And, for a time, all is well
'Til the siren cries.

Then the town awakes
From her peaceful sleep
To confusion, dismay,
And disbelief.

But before the siren cries out,
And the silence is broken,
A soul will come to decision
With the reason unspoken.


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