•   To start this I'd like to leave some insight into why this poem and my username is the way it is. I am not good at writing poetry and my writing style has been refered to as like an idiot Dr.Suess. Which hurts, though i dont know why. Hence the UserName SchizoSuess. It refers to my Schizoeffective Type Bioplar disorader, and is not intended to offend, insult, or romanticize mental illness. I guess its more of a disclaimer than anyting, but i meet alot of critisizm in my life due to my choices of how I phrase things. I'm not good at speech-craft, and am a very closed off isolated person. I guess this is meant more than anything to apologize in advance to those I fail with my mediocre writing skills as this is a poetry site and im sure there are those who are much more attuned to expression than I am. The poems delema (excuse my under-education in spelling please) is about a man who has lived with my family of 8 years across the years who was part of a sting operation. This is my minds dialoge about this isssue and the hate mail that followed the post on facebook shaming my entire family for standing up for someone convicted without having been shown any proof. 


    Sides: By SchizoSuess

    My mind is a poison

  My mind is a cure

My mind is uncertain

My mind is so sure


Is it god that drives me?

Or am I a product of the world?

A side that's left un-taken

Is a side that's left un-heard


My mind is a poison

My mind is a cure

My mind is uncertain

My mind is so sure


My world is so confusing

My world is straight-forward


My life is pure venom

Or at least my life's pure


My mind is a poison 

My mind is a cure 

My mind is uncertain

My mind is so sure


Oh lord please tell me if I'm the righteous

or the damned


Oh world im only human

Oh world Im only a man


What is truth

When the whole world can just hide


Oh dearest of fellow humanity am I on the wrong or right side?


My thoughts are distraught

I guess I'll just hold on for the ride


Tell me what's real

And I guess tell me where i should end


What's the right side?


This poem attempt, and cruddy as it might be was inspired by the song "Oh lord" by the artist in the moment. Thank you to this music group for and groups like it for making art with the questions i face in it. I greatly appreciate all art and all artists for bearing their sole across a life that doesnt always seem easy fair or sometimes even do-able <---- sorry about my lack of spelling like i said earlier. Im not very smart, when it comes to literacy. Im trying.






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My family
My community
Our world
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