Sick World

Sick world

How many people are truly happy in this world?

I’m telling you that I can’t go through a day without hearing anything hateful.

Even now people are judging me for what I’m about to say or maybe for what I’m wearing. 

Maybe because I’m not one of the poplar kids.

Is it because I'm not from Kentucky.

I live in a hateful country.

I stop watching the news because it brings me down.

Everything from riots to school shootings, from race violence to people being laid off.

Do you realize there were 9 cops killed in August alone.

Would it hurt you to follow the law and make life more pleasurable for everyone else.

Is it hard to fight for something that really matters and be mindful of others, because right now there are thousands of homeless people and kids that don’t eat 3 times a day but yet murderers, thieves and rapists live in prisons with 3 hot meals a day or the fact that our soldiers over seas protecting us don’t even get 3 hot meals.

Why is it that people get offended by another one’s sexuality?

Ask yourself this, does their love life really affect you?

Why should you say “no” to them?

Because it’s against your religion?

Fine, you are going to place your religion in the way of another’s love because you feel offended.

I’m sure whoever you pray to is real happy about that decision.

Let’s not stop there let’s go to politics.

In case you forgot, we control the system, we pick who is in control.

79 congressmen have been there 20 plus years, should any one really be that powerful and be there for that long.

Those men saw Bill Clinton’s first term as president not to mention a certain queen who has had the throne for 63 years.

I hate to say this but we are moving fast but we have people that want to return to “the old days.”

What is so great about those days, if we weren't at war we were looking at other people that we thought were a threat or we started going into areas where we have no business in.

If you are questioning this then let me ask you: have things really gotten any better or have they gotten worse?

Has there ever been world peace?

Because I can’t stand this hateful world.

I wish we could live in a world where everyone gets along.

There are many things that divide us, from governments to size of the country.

The biggest thing that divides us is how we treat each other.

I live my life by two rules that a teacher told me.

Don’t be stupid.

Be excellent to each other.

Are we really that close minded that we can’t see past a man or woman’s race, religion, or sexuality to see that they want to be treated the same.

Because everyone has one thing in common, we are human.

We all make mistakes but we also have to learn to correct these mistakes and move on from them or else we will make the same mistakes.

It doesn’t matter how quiet you are, some one will listen.

We could all be better people, we just have to realize that we are close minded and are blinded by one thing, ourselves.

The sooner we can become more open minded about others and stop judging each other by intelligence, race, religion, gender, or the country they are from the sooner we can step forward not as separate countries but as a human race.

Because together we can reach for the stars but why do that if we can’t stand the people that live on earth.

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