Short Hair, Don't Care

Amidst a 'naturally beautiful' movement, 
I cut off all of my hair
So that people could ask why.

Some days, I don't know.

My body always asks me questions
That I can't answer
Where'd you get all this skin and
Can you take it off for a while?
Your heart needs to breathe
Are you brown
Or amber radient
Like your friend told you?

Is it a skirt or a penis today?
I can't have both
Not if I want people to understand what my body means.

What does it mean to me?
Woman when it has to, 
But man if they ask
Why should I wait for someone to ask?
Amidst a 'naturally beautiful' movement
I feel like the only thing standing still
Trying to figure out where this is going.

The only thing I really know about this body
Is that it will never know what it wants
And if I try to replace someone ele's idea of perfection
With my own
I will never be satisfied.

So I cut off all of my hair,
Because I could
And I hope my hips and thighs
Lips and eyes 
Ask me many more questions
So that I can try and work it out.
I won't worry this body away.

When I get out of bed in the morning
Or afternoon, or night
With my short hair sticking up like feathers
Trying to help me take flight
I'll know that this...
This is what flawless looks like.



poem of my life


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