Shook But Not Broken

The joy in her smile brings warmth to my heart. A pleasure I had forgotten renewed. I only wish she could understand me for being me but it's not that simple. The dimples dare me to dive in but it is only for the road of the warrior. And unfortunately I'm no warrior at the moment. Still healing from the tough battles of a long, long, and heartache filled war. In fact I limp into every conversation numb to the fact that I've only heard every other word. And only when she laughs am I alive. It triggers a little fire within.

A sense of hope ignited ready to embark on the next path to happiness. To be happy is to have found something that you want, need, and desire. Needless to say I've never wanted a desire as such as the one that is growing. My confidence shook but not broken. Those are the thoughts of a man rediscovering the pieces that made him whole. It's as if she is key, a road map of sorts to the fallen pieces of a troubled past. Her faith in me is unfathomable. Faithfully takin a leap once again. Oblivious to the fact that I forgot the "g" in taking as if my heart skipped a beat. Palpitations become common in an uncommon world which my mind had created.

She is the cause for everytime I breathe. The words themselves expressed from every breath. 


All of this from the joy in her smiles which brings warmth to my heart.

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