The Shepherd's Sister to Her Love

Thu, 01/18/2018 - 14:09 -- xxj4de

Come live with me and be my love,

And to thee will I henceforth prove

That art more fair than beauteous light

And shinest bright in summer’s night.


I will thee bring a stand tall mirror,

Fifteen candles, make it clearer;

Blush thee with the finest blushes

Using nature’s hand made brushes;


Wilt thou be adorned with jewels,

Crafted gold with God Father’s tools;

If art not satisfied by these,

I will not leave thee in displease.


Our meadows are for thee to conquer:

Make the flowers grow as stronger

As I to thee feel needy love

Of most the art and way to move.


Thou wilt be in a mountain’s peak

For them behold and dare not speak:

Of idolatry are their guilt,

By talent which thyself hast built;


Dismay the wanton of their look

And charge them by the written book;

Say them the wrongs that art not thine

And I will strike, as thou’lt be mine.


Let me no more say of thee;

Be so, countless pages there be;

But save it, will then I prove

If thou wilt live with me and be my love.


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