The Shepherd



The shepherd has always told me that I was a black sheep…or…

Maybe that white lamb existing among a pasture of black sheep,

And that coat weight is more valuable than body weight.


But I’ve eaten a lot too lately, and the bigger I get, the darker my coat gets.

I don’t like that… so I ask the shepherd to make me a separate gate,

And to cleanse my coat again…he says yes.


Now being away, I watch the dark coats frolic, I watch as they do things,

Things that the shepherd would disagree with.


And I feel their screechy “bahhh” acts as a censor for me,

Because I cannot understand it, although I listen in,

However, they can go back and forth like its normal.

See, but I get confused when I think on it because, we’re the same age…


An inner voice begins to speak to me, and he tells me “Jump the gate”.

I think on it… I requested confinement, but it does get lonely over here.

I think… I won’t stay long.


The black coats won’t welcome me back,

Unless we match black backs.

So I tumble in to the dirt, for the appearance.

But the result:


The same as watched from afar, doesn’t seem to be as pleasurable as I’d hoped…

I don’t fit…

I turn to leave, only to find myself encased by more black coats.


Standing idle, they watch me as they creep forward.

My body is shaking- my coat remains motionless.

“Follow my voice”- I can’t move

“Follow my voice”- but I’m surrounded

“Follow my voice”…


I close my eyes and move forward…

Only to open them to the face of the shepherd.

“Your white for a reason…”




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