She who is Me and I who is Her


A girl with curls one may observe,

but She has feelings, you see,

as strong as a nerve.


She is She, and She is Me.

We are hard workers,

everyone coud agree.


What the public does not know

is how much She has seen.

It took place long-long ago,

before We were teen.


She and I met the wrong crowd,

She who is Me and I who is Her.

Together as rain and cloud,

always and forever.


Lost souls do not seem lost,

just as Her and I do not seem one.

Lost soul hearts are Frost,

she and I would be left none.


Manipulation, control, and fear;

three words that do not mean.

That is, until someone sheds a tear,

and souls are no loger clean.


Tossed away, betrayed, and hurt;

more words that do not feel.

Damadge cannot revert,

not all wounds heal.


These people made something,

they created walls.

To them, it was nothing,

She and I took The Falls.


The walls expanded,

created fear and pain.

The walls kept Us stranded,

tied to a chain.


Ever since, trust was unavailable.

We were too wounded,

the situation felt un-savable.


Those walls, curtains, got big with years.

They became a lot thicker,

shed more tears.


Beyond the girl that sat in class,

the one with good grades,

her heart lays made of glass

and sometimes breaks.


This makes Us seem weak.

But, did I not say in the beginning

Our nerves did not break?

This part will send you grinning.


You see, the thing about these walls

is that She who is Me and I who is Her,

we wondered long those halls.

And, boy, was it a crusher.


But the beauty, We tell you,

is that They made Us who we are.

What I say, We, is true.

Wound will be a scar.


These walls, curtains, impede others to see.

But from inside out,

they add expertise..

Things become different, without doubt.


All those lost souls could do

was to teach a lesson.

We could give a screw,

time makes pain lessen.


They taught Us to love,

taught Us to care.

Forgive? Sort of,

that is solved with prayer.


For reading this, We thank.

The curtain will now raise.

If not, We'll bring a Tank!








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