She Who Is Everything


She's afraid to show society what she's made of. The spotlight was never a place for her because that warm Tuesday in July when she tried to release the fear of being in the presence of spectators who she felt wouldn't understand her, she was proven right. She was gawked upon , ridiculed , imitated and intimidated . She wasn't what everyone preferred - where others excelled , she couldn't exceed the minimum. She wasn't good enough . Late at night in her bedroom alone , she lay cold and bare creating mental fantasies where she immediately was accepted. Utopias of her own where she was never excluded and ridiculed for being herself. She was acknowledged and desired to be like by people who understood her unique essence. She was worshipped by what she stood for and praised for how she showed society. In this utopia, she was the topic of discussion and not the unwanted kind. No longer did she feel obligated to hide behind the curtain of homogeneity.

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