She Was The Moon

Wed, 11/28/2018 - 14:01 -- awatr

She was the moon.


I yearned to hold her.

My fingertips stopped just before reaching the cold wet surface.

Tears filled my eyes for I could only see her reflection.

Never again could I feel her cool embrace.


The stars behind her were dim and gloomy in comparison.

Her pearly elegance ignited the embers of my soul.

She was so close yet still too far.


A single tear tore the surface of the water,

Disturbing her beauty.

My shouts echoed through the forest,

For her image wavered a second much too long.


I sat in the night just watching as she dazzled before me.

I could not help but resent the distance between us.

Sorrow filled my hollow form and I wanted to be with her.

The water was so beautiful with her image upon it.

"We will be together soon", I promised.


The water swirled around me as I slowly waded in.

My head fell just below the surface and I felt peace.

Her light illuminated my tenement but would never quite reach.


I would have held up both our worlds to be with her again,

But the distance coldly rejected my affections.

I accepted the water that filled my lungs.

And I fell asleep looking at the light that radiated from her.


For she was the moon,

And I could never reach her.



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